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Our Mission

We want to to make it easier for students from all backgrounds to break into finance and build successful careers as investment professionals. Samaaj is committed to achieving this goal by providing resources to people that otherwise would not have access to materials, and by supporting a network of diverse investment professionals. 

What Makes Samaaj Unique?


Unique and insider advice that no other website will share. We provide information that you would only know if you talked to somebody already in the industry willing to help you out


Samaaj offers a network of diverse investment professionals to support you long after your internship interview and well into your finance career. We want current students to turn into future mentees


Samaaj’s founders are readily available to answer questions, host university events, attend coffee chats, review resumes, and prepare you and your peers as you get ready to interview for your internship or job


Samaaj is designed to help every person of color, gender, race, economic background, nationality, education, location, all for free with no strings attached. Samaaj is here to help you if you need it

Samaaj (समाज) means Community in Hindi

Our goal is to foster a community of diverse investment professionals to help you land your dream job and become the best professional possible

I was fortunate to have a mentor that looked like me and had a similar background as me. Not everybody is lucky enough to have that type of guidance. We are creating Samaaj to give every minority the support and knowledge to land their dream job and be successful. We want every person to have a chance at getting jobs that would normally be reserved for those who look a certain way and come from a certain background.

Siddharth Gupta, Co-Founder

Careers in finance are hard to navigate for a lot of folks from diverse backgrounds who are currently underrepresented in the industry. Not having the same level of insight into the necessary recruitments steps, nor understanding the job at a detailed level can be meaningful disadvantages in an already competitive sector. We hope Samaaj helps level the playing field and helps better prepare you for your journey in finance.

Suman Padhi, Co-Founder

We’d love to have you at our next meetup!

We host sessions with different universities, interviews with people in private equity and banking, and Samaaj sessions where we go through different aspects of finance and answer your questions.

Don’t be anxious! Our meetups are casual and fun and give you the opportunity to discuss several topics with working professionals. We will go over discussions from our blog and share our insights with you. If you would like to setup your own event with your university or group – please reach out to us through our contact form. If you would like to join an event, click the button below to join our next meetup!

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