General Advice

Learning the technical and fit questions are really important, but at the end of the day there are some core pieces of advice that you need to keep in mind. Right now your goal might be just getting a summer internship, but finance is a career. The journey does not stop with one interview or one job, and at Samaaj we really are trying to help set you up for a successful career. Learn the key items below and you will be on a path that helps you go beyond your first internship.



“Getting a job in finance is not easy. Make sure you are dedicated and really want to go down this path.”

1. Be Nice To Everyone

Finance is a very small and tight knit community. Be nice to everyone you meet so you leave a good impression. You will most likely encounter the same people later in life, so it is always good to make sure people remember you in a good light. You should also just be nice because it is the right thing to do!


2. Have A Good Attitude

Interviewing and trying to find a job is tough. Keeping a good attitude will help you get through the process, but will also keep you excited about each step. Approach each interview or each question with a smile. It will show in the answers you give and how people think of you as a candidate.

3. Rejection Is Normal

You are going to face a lot of rejection when interviewing. Sometimes you won’t get a phone interview, sometimes you won’t get a superday, and sometimes you might just miss out on the offer. Rejection is normal and you should expect that most of the firms you interview with will reject you. The good thing is,  you only need 1 offer. Just like college acceptances or dating, all you need is one person to say yes. Don’t get depressed by rejections either. Analyze what you could have done better and why you didn’t get the interview or offer. Maybe there are things that you can work on or maybe the firm just wasn’t the right fit.  

4. Learn How To Manage Stress

Recruiting, and a job in general, can be really stressful. In the recruiting process, you are going to have stress from prepping, interviewing, and competing with others, all on top of the stress you may have from school. When working full time, you will have stress from your responsibilities and from working long hours. Find something to help manage all the stress. Go to the gym, talk to friends, meditate, or find some hobbies. We have found that anything that gets you away from the computer or a screen is usually a good way to relieve stress. Try to stay away from unhealthy food or other vices too!

5. Don’t Compare Yourself To Your Peers

You will often hear about classmates getting an interview at X bank, or somebody having coffee with a partner at Y firm. Don’t compare yourself to those people. You never know if those people are lying or if they have their own personal connections. Every single person has a different situation and different background. Focus on what you can do to achieve your goals. Stick to the path, work hard, and things will work out. The son of the CEO of a major investment bank will have certain advantages that you probably won’t have. There is nothing you can do about it, so don’t worry about it.

Next Steps

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