Day of Interview

Interview day can be exciting, nerve racking, and stressful. Superdays are much longer and much more intense as compared to phone interviews or coffee chats. You need to be on your A game in order to get the offer. You will often be competing with 5-6 candidates for 1 position. Every single detail comes into play when companies sit down and decide which candidate to pick. 

You will often be competing with 5-6 candidates for 1 position.

Further Questions?

Use the links below as additional resources to learn more about interview day, and how best to prepare. Just remember, superdays do not determine your life. Many people, including us, have walked out of superdays having completely made a fool out of themselves. Work hard and keep at it.  There are plenty of opportunities with even more superdays. 

Interview Commandments

1. Plan Ahead And Arrive Early

You will often uber to the office. Ubers in the morning can be very unpredictable. Book the uber the night before for your specified time. Adjust the time you leave based on morning traffic. Arrive 30 minutes early; just wait around the building. Don’t go into the office too early and bother them.  

2. Have A Good First Impression

The first impression with each interview will help set the tone for how the interview will go. Give a good handshake, stand up straight, be confident, and smile. When a decision is being made, the first impression will play a big part.

3. Don’t Get Flustered

Chances are you are going to get asked a question that you don’t know the answer to. Don’t get flustered. Try to work through it and be confident. If you don’t know how to do it, it is okay to ask how to do it. Interviewers like this.

4. Ask Questions But Not Too Many

At the end of each interview the interviewer will ask, “Do you have any questions for me?” Have a few good and interesting questions prepared, but don’t ask 10 questions. 2 or 3 at the most. Fill the time, but don’t ask too few and don’t ask too many. 

5. Pay Attention To Your Interviewer

Watch how your interviewer is reacting to what you are saying. Check their mood and overall demeanor. These characteristics help in figuring out how you formulate your answers. If your interviewer looks tired and stressed, be succinct and calm. If they seem annoyed at the length of your answers, adjust accordingly. 

6. Know Your Audience

Understand that you are interviewing at a finance company. The people interviewing you made a conscience choice to go into banking or private equity. Take that into mind when you ask questions or talk about certain things. We have seen candidates talk about being super interested in coding and making their own company while talking to an investment banker — it didn’t work out for them.  

7. Come Prepared About The Company

You will get asked “Why this company?” Have your answer ready. This can make or break a superday. It is also okay to ask at the end “What do you like about working at X Company?” Don’t ask every interviewer this, but maybe the first 2. 

8. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Reimbursements

Your airplane, hotel, or uber will most likely be reimbursable. Do not be afraid to ask the HR representative, but also be cognizant of what to ask. If you took a $7 uber from campus then don’t ask unless you are not in the position to afford it. 

Next Steps

Explore some of our other training materials. Each category is just as important as the others so spend some time on each one.